Alejandro Bullón

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Throughout history, human beings have looked for answers to diverse questions of their daily life. Which is our greatest need as human beings? Where do we come from and where are we going? Why is there so much suffering? Is it possible to be happy? What happens after death? Alejandro Bullón is very clear at raising the problems, honest at pointing out the consequences, and humble at providing solutions. His vast experience in dealing with people of different culture and social conditions let him provide appropriate answers to the reader.
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Alejandro Bullón

Alejandro Bullón was born in Peru and has worked as a Christian minister, youth counselor and international speaker. Subsequently, he was invited to perform his ministry in Brazil. Throughout his life he has presented conferences about family, education and biblical themes in different countries. In addition, he has been the presenter of the TV program It Is Written in Brazil and The Voice of Prophecy in the United States. He has also participated in other TV programs and, recently, he has encouraged the production of movies with Christian values for the contemporary society. The essential message of his diverse productions points to the need of knowing Jesus as the solution to all human problems. Bullón is the author of several books that have been published in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and Russian. He is married to Sara Orfilia, and they have four sons: José, Rubén, Samuel and Moacyr.
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