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Secrets Revealed

Author: Alejandro Medina


Media Type: Text


Language: English


No of Pages: 280

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We live in a time of dramatic events and drastic changes. Unlike past centuries where life was slow, everything nowadays is about speed, and our lives are constantly going against the tide. Faced with this reality, we increasingly witness addiction, emotional imbalance, materialism, chaos and frustration, which do no more than highlight the increasing hegemony of despair. How do we bring our focus back to what is important? Where do we go to find hope for the future and meaning in our lives? The Bible has the answer, and the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation will help us now more than ever to understand the current times and to live a life of purpose. Packed with historical facts that are portrayed in simple language, Secrets Revealed is an engaging book that will help you travel through time as you explore the origin, development and fulfillment of biblical prophecies within the framework of the events of the end of the world and the New Earth. You will be able to find...
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