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Healthy Mind

Author: Julián Melgosa


Media Type: Text


Language: English


No of Pages: 212

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Our mind is the engine that pushes us to live a full and happy life. By managing our emotions, our mind can make us live the best moments in life. On the other hand, it can drain all our energy. Thus, it is crucial to have a HEALTHY MIND. One of the most common health problems that affect our mind is depression. According to WHO, depression affects more than 300 million people. We usually say or hear the phrase “I am depressed,” but on many occasions we are not provided with the proper tools to deal with this situation. In HEALTHY MIND, Dr. Julián Melgosa explains what depression is and how to prevent it in a simple, pleasant and practical way. Furthermore, Dr. Melgosa presents different prevention strategies which are the result of many studies and experiments around the world. It is equally important to know what to do when symptoms of depression have already occurred. Therefore, you will discover various treatments and ways of overcoming depression...
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